upset upset verb (up∙set∙ting, upset, upset) 1. to make sb / yourself feel unhappy, anxious or annoyed • 使烦恼;使心烦意乱;使生气 【SYN】 distress : ▪ [VN]
»This decision is likely to upset a lot of people.
»Donˈt upset yourself about it—letˈs just forget it ever happened.
▪ [VN that]
»It upset him that nobody had bothered to tell him about it.
▪ [VN to inf]
»It upsets me to think of her all alone in that big house.
2. [VN] to make a plan, situation, etc. go wrong • 打乱;搅乱:
»He arrived an hour late and upset all our arrangements.
3. [VN] upset sbˈs stomach to make sb feel sick after they have eaten or drunk sth • 使(肠胃)不适 4. [VN] to make sth fall over by hitting it by accident • 打翻;碰倒;使倾覆:
»She stood up suddenly, upsetting a glass of wine.
【IDIOMS】 upset the ˈapple cart • to cause problems for sb or spoil their plans, arrangements, etc. • 制造麻烦;打乱计划(或安排等) adj. 1. [not before noun] upset (about sth) | upset (that...) unhappy or disappointed because of sth unpleasant that has happened • 难过;不高兴;失望;沮丧:
»Thereˈs no point getting upset about it.
2. an ˌupset ˈstomach an illness in the stomach that makes you feel sick or have diarrhoea • 肠胃不适;腹泻 noun 1. a situation in which there are problems or difficulties, especially when these are unexpected • (意外的)混乱,困扰,麻烦:
»The company has survived the recent upset in share prices.
»His health has not been improved by all the upset at home.
2. (in a competition 竞赛) a situation in which a person or team beats the person or team that was expected to win • 意外的结果;爆冷门 3. an illness in the stomach that makes you feel sick or have [u]diarrhoea
• 肠胃病;腹泻:
»a stomach upset
4. [U, C] feelings of unhappiness and disappointment caused by sth unpleasant that has happened • 不痛快;烦闷;失望;苦恼:
»It had been the cause of much emotional upset.
* * *
vt. 顛覆, 推翻, 擾亂, 使不適, 使心煩
vi. 翻倒, 傾覆
n. 翻倒, 混亂

English-Chinese dictionary. 2013.


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